39 week Bump Date with A

Pregnancy Highlights   

 How far along: 39 weeks! My goodnesss, GET OUT ABE. 

Total Weight Gain: 31-32 pounds

Maternity Clothes: those barely fit now

Best moment this week: can we change this to worst moment this week? Bc thinking your in labor, staying all night at the hospital, and then NOT being in labor and sent home would take the cake for that category. Best moment???? I guess getting more time as a family of four. I'm so ready for him to get out. Thinking I could have another week and half makes me wanna cry, but I want to live in the present. Lord help me be content but also, please let him come!:) 

Gender:BOY! Abraham Robert  

 Movement: so much. I'm going to miss how close he is right now. I keep reminding myself to soak it all in, he will never be this close to me again 😭

Food cravings- light meals, pasta, fruit

Food aversions: spicy food, Mexican.

 What I Miss: not having heartburn. 

 What I'm looking forward to: having this babe very very soon!!!

 Belly Button: still in, I guess? It's pretty much just flat. 


A day in the life

I can't believe the last time I did a "day in the life" post was two years ago when W was only 6months! Our days have certainly changed since then. I was hoping to squeeze one of these posts in before Abe arrives because I know our days will change drastically. I'm so thankful to be able to stay at home with these babies every single day. It's all thanks to an incredibly hard working husband who provides so well for us and the Lord's grace.

Our kids usually wake up anytime between 7&8. C is the first to wake. He dresses himself and plays quietly in the living room. Eventually, he wonders into our room and wakes me up with a toy or books. This morning they both woke up pretty close together and crawled in our bed with books. These babies love to read and have us read to them.
  photo IMG_2709.jpg photo IMG_2704.jpg
  photo IMG_2712.jpg

Right around 8:40, husband leaves for work. Every single morning our kiddos give him hugs and kisses, tell him good luck haha, and C stands at the door to wave bye to him as he drives off! 
  photo IMG_2717.jpg

 I fix the kiddos breakfast around 8:30. It usually takes them a good bit to eat, well, mainly just willow, she is the SLOWEST eater of all time.

From 9-12:30 we do different activites depending on the day. Some days we do the park with friends, run errands, go to thursday school, go the library story time, or a fun outing like the zoo. But yesterday was a MUCH needed day at home getting some laundry done.

From 9-10 we did school, dinner prep (thank you crockpot), and laundry. I use the time the kids are doing to school to get ready for the day.

Willow works on colors and shapes. C works on writing his letters and name.
 photo IMG_2721.jpg
  photo IMG_2725.jpg

from 10 to 11 the kids played around the house. C got put in time out (real life) and I did more laundry. 
  photo IMG_2728.jpg
  photo IMG_2729.jpg
 photo IMG_2732.jpg

 From 11-12 we went on a walk around the block (trying to walk this baby out), played "spiders" outside and flew kites.
 photo IMG_2742.jpg
 photo IMG_2737.jpg
  photo IMG_2743.jpg
  photo IMG_2745.jpg

 From 12 to 1- we ate lunch and I did more laundry. We also do a "clean up" time after lunch. The kids pick up all the toys they got out that morning. This doesn't always happen, but I try in order to keep our house from looking like a tornado all day every day.
  photo IMG_2746.jpg

From 1 to 2- we finished up cleaning. The kids have a reading time each day. C and I work on learning to read and then they read to each other or themselves. I also read several books to them. After reading time, I let the kiddos play outside in their costumes to get any bit of energy left out. haha.
  photo IMG_2749.jpg
  photo IMG_2752.jpg

From 2-5pm the kids take a nap. Willow always takes this long of nap (every now and then she fights it). Now, C doesn't always nap. He usually naps about 2-3 times a week. On days he doesn't nap, he reads in his bed or plays in his room quietly for atleast an hour. Then, he can come out and playing quietly to himself. Sometimes I will let him watch a movie or play an education app.

Today, he napped!!  So from 2-5pm, I did more laundry and cleaning, took a cat nap, had my quiet time, and painted my nails. I also use nap time to blog, check social media, edit pictures, or get something done off my todo list (like a chore or DIY project).
  photo IMG_2753.jpg

If the kids aren't awake by 5, I wake them up. 
  photo IMG_2757.jpg
 photo IMG_2759.jpg
 Willow is always so snuggly when she wakes up, I LOVE IT!
  photo IMG_2762.jpg

Josh gets home anywhere from 4-5 most days. I'm so thankful for the way he just jumps right into dad mode. He puts his bags down, grabs a book, and the kids immediately cuddle with him to read.

From 5-6- he plays with them while I fix dinner. 
  photo IMG_2767.jpg

 From 6 to bedtime- we eat dinner together and go over our memory verses, catechisms, and talk about our day. Josh and I tag team cleaning the kitchen while the kids play. On pretty days, we head outside for a family walk, basketball, or playing in the backyard. Some nights we have plans, watch a movie, or run errands as family, but tonight was just a sweet night at home. We took the kids on a walk, played chase, and then ate Popsicle in the backyard.  photo IMG_2771.jpg photo IMG_2772.jpg photo IMG_2778.jpg
  photo IMG_2794.jpg

If C doesn't nap, he goes to bed at 7:15-7:30. On days they both nap, they don't go to bed until 8:30. After playing outside, they got to watch a movie with Josh. I met a friend at target for some mama time:) So, Josh did bedtime. Each night, we have family worship time. We read the bible, sing, and pray together. At bedtime every night, C has to go through the same set of questions or phrases before we can shut the door. He says-

See you in the afternoon, goodnight. (we say it back)
See you in the morning. (we say it back)
Are you staying in the living room?
Will you leave the bathroom light on?
What time is it?
What are we doing when we wake up?
What day is it?  What day is it tomorrow?
See you in the afternoon, goodnight.
See you in the morning.

hahaha. Some nights we are so exhausted and going through that list gets real annoying, just being real. But, most nights it just makes us laugh and I'm so thankful for this little season of him asking all these routine questions because I know one day, he wont.

C waited up for me last night just so he could ask me all his questions. I had a great time catching up with a friend and buying me some of my favorite staples: 
  photo IMG_2796.jpg

Yesterday was an absolutely normal day, and they are my most favorite types of day. Just my people and our normal routine. So so thankful for this season of life, and SO EXCITED to change things up any day now with a newborn thrown into the mix!


36 Weeks KubBumpDate with #3

Pregnancy Highlights   
 How far along: 36 weeks!   
Total Weight Gain: 28-30 pounds!
Maternity Clothes: Of course
Best moment this week: Our doctor appointment went great yesterday! Little guy is measuring right on the smaller side, but still healthy. This isn't surprising because both C and W were smaller babies. Also, keeping busy with fun outings with the kids and packing the diaper bag.  
Gender:BOY! Abraham Robert  
 Movement: Constantly, can't believe there is only a few more weeks of feeling these sweet kicks.
 Food Cravings: Hamburgers and anything cold!
Food aversions: fried food, spicy food, Mexican. 
 What I Miss: not having heartburn. It's constant now:( 
 Sleep: It hasn't been to great lately. Waking up 4-7 times a night to use the bathroom. Also, pretty uncomfortable in every position.
 What I'm looking forward to: Making it to 37 weeks and Easter. We'd love for him to stay put until after Easter. Mainly because Easter is so busy for us, and I'd hate for Josh to be torn between the hospital and caring for me, and being up at the Church. BUT by all means kid,  feel free to come at 4pm or after on Easter!
 Belly Button: still in, but when I lay certain ways, it totally pokes out. ha.

Now that I'm officially 36 weeks, I'll start eating Dates. Mama to be, if you don't know about Dates and delivery, READ THESE!





March Recap!

We filled March with lots of to-do lists in preparation for Abe. And although we had plans almost every weekend, this month seemed to drag by to this anxious mama who is READY for baby to be here:)

 Sweet babies watching morning cartoons.
  photo IMG_1683.jpg

 Willow loves her Elsa. LIKE BIG. She is constantly acting like a little mama to her babies.  I just can't wait to see her with Abraham.
  photo IMG_1694.jpg photo IMG_1698.jpg

 I went to an adoption conference the first weekend. Josh sent me this sweet pic of one very tired canaan.
  photo IMG_1706.jpg
 So thankful to get to work this conference for Fund the Nations and attend as an adoptive mama myself. The Lord taught me so much that weekend.
  photo IMG_1718.jpg
 Two little squirts reading.
  photo IMG_1741.jpg
 sweetest boy!
  photo IMG_1756.jpg
 We headed down to granddaddy's nursery one day to explore. They love going!
  photo IMG_1772.jpg photo IMG_1779.jpg
  photo F6FE61CC-81B5-45B3-A402-2080D50591B5.jpg
 Feeling VERY pregnant!
  photo IMG_1826.jpg

Took a trip out to Ikea to get some plants and a cheap lunch. They beg to go back constantly. haha
  photo IMG_1869.jpg

We took a trip to the women's hospital in the middle of the night. I was having very sharp pains that then brought on contractions. They gave us medicine to stop the contractions and little boy looked healthy. It was not a fun trip, but I'm so glad we went so that I didn't end up going into labor!
  photo IMG_1882.jpg

 SO thankful that when he comes home from work, he immediately jumps into dad mode. he reads, plays, and loves them so well. We are so blessed with such an awesome daddy. These kids are his biggest fans.
  photo IMG_1900.jpg

Love my silly crew!!
  photo IMG_1932.jpg
  photo IMG_2310.jpg

This girl is really pulling out the sass lately. We sure do love her, sass and all!
  photo 4C85DFF7-364D-43C6-9F7C-C2E5DE66CDFA.jpg photo 4F9B31F1-D472-4258-B9FD-70679DEC3692.jpg photo EA4D208B-B484-46BE-844B-CE409FB87825.jpg photo EF2A8201-CF06-4D3B-948D-5294200BB0C8.jpg
  photo F80BB997-E234-4C59-95E9-E35E9E03349B.jpg

Fun trip to the zoo with our friend, Ava! photo IMG_1980.jpg

always reading...
  photo IMG_1998.jpg

Thursday's are a fun morning around here. Canaan goes to Thursday school, which he loves! Willow and I get some one on one girl time running errands. We then pick up brother and spend time at the playground, picnic lunch, or meeting dad at CFA. Thankful for these fun little mornings out. 
  photo IMG_2014.jpg photo IMG_2017.jpg

 We have a large pond in my neighborhood that also is across the street from my parent's home. The kids love to go walk there or throw the fishes bread!
  photo IMG_2075.jpg photo IMG_2079.jpg photo IMG_2101.jpg photo IMG_2110.jpg

 Sweet snuggly girl just woke up. She is so hilarious after naps. She makes these high pitch sounds out of excitement and is super cuddly.  photo IMG_2164.jpg

 Reading to my babies. Can't believe another will be here soon!
  photo IMG_2182.jpg