Abe is 2 weeks!

Two weeks since Abe's birth. Thankfully, this week went by a little slower it felt like. Which I love because time has been going by toooooo fast lately. Little A, you are still sleeping like a champ. You wake every 3 hours almost on the dot to eat. And speaking of eating, you are rocking it! At your 2 week check up, you had gained 10 ounces in a week!!! We are so proud of you! You've had some yucky congestion, but it seems like we are finally getting rid of that.

This week you went to the zoo, a surprise party, a softball game, and church for the first time. You stayed in your carseat the entire time to keep you from germs, but it was nice to get out of the house. Your hair is starting to show some serious red tint. Your older siblings had the same red tint, and eventually, their hair turned bright blonde. I'm so curious to see what yours will do. Your eyes are still blue, which blows us away! Three kids with blue eyes! Who would have guessed!?

W and C are still crazy obsessed with you and want to hold you constantly. They love to call you buddy buddy and pumpkin.  I'm so not ready for you to grow up. Your daddy and I just stare at you at night and can't get over how adorable you are! We love you sweet boy!

 photo abeweek2-002.jpg
 photo abeweek2-010.jpg photo abeweek2-006.jpg
 photo abeweek2-007.jpg
 photo abeweek2-008.jpg
 photo abeweek2-001.jpg  photo abeweek2-004.jpg
 photo abeweek2-009.jpg
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Abraham's Newborn Photos

 We could not be more thankful for this little love. He has been such an easy baby thus far, and we SURE DON'T take it for granted! He's eating and sleeping like a stud! I snapped a few newborn photos last Sunday while Josh was at church with the kids. We've already been super blessed with photos from his birth and our family lifestyle stession. I can't wait to blog those! So, I didn't take that many. He slept so hard through the whole thing, it only took me about 15 minutes to capture them all.

He's already changing so much. I can't handle the thought of him growing up and getting bigger. We are soaking up every single tiny snuggle, sound, and squirm. Thank you Lord for this precious boy. We are so in love!

 photo abenewborn-010bis.jpg
  photo abenewborn-019dbw.jpg  photo abenewborn-009dbw.jpg
 photo abenewborn-016.jpg  photo abenewborn-018.jpg
 photo abenewborn-004.jpg
  photo abenewborn-021bis.jpg  photo abenewborn-013.jpg
  photo abenewborn-024dbw.jpg photo abenewborn-006.jpg photo abenewborn-012bis.jpg photo abenewborn-003dbw.jpg
  photo abenewborn-015.jpg photo abenewborn-008.jpg
 photo abenewborn-011bis.jpg  photo abenewborn-001bw.jpg photo abenewborn-007.jpg
  photo abenewborn-022bis.jpg
  photo abenewborn-002.jpg photo abenewborn-017dbw.jpg
 photo abenewborn-020.jpg
 photo abenewborn-014dbw.jpg



I haven't been able to blog about Abraham's birth yet, because I want to wait to include the images our photographer captured. I can't wait to share!!!! And newborn photos are coming ASAP!

BUT HE'S HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!! Born May 3rd at 1:55pm!

It's hard to believe that he was born A WEEK AGO!!!!! Ugh, I always forget how slowly that last month of pregnancy goes by but how QUICK the first few weeks of a newborn fly. NOT COOL. We are real real real infatuated with this babe. His siblings barely let him breath his own air, and daddy and I constantly want to hold him.

His first week with us has been a dream. He's eaten like a champ, slept like a champ, and been king of cuddling. I know we are only a week in, but so far, he's been the easiest babe yet.

His siblings have adjusted pretty well. They are so sweet and gentle and loving with him. They constantly want to hold him and see his belly button (they are so curious about that umbilical cord). And when they see him they say "hey buddy, buddy". It's the sweetest.

Abraham, we are so thankful you are finally here!!!!!!
  photo abeweek1-010.jpg
  photo abeweek1-005.jpg photo abeweek1-009.jpg
 photo IMG_3285.jpg photo abeweek1-004.jpg
  photo IMG_3283.jpg

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April Recap

April felt like the slowest month of my life. I thought FOR SURE Abraham was going to be born this month. Alas, he held strong for May.

Always and forever spiderman!

 photo IMG_2195.jpg

My sweet mama threw me such a beautiful shower FULL of yummy food! A big thanks to all my friends who helped her. It was such a blessing to be showered with so many gifts and love. 

  photo IMG_2235.jpg

A sweet friend made willow this baby sling. She is IN LOVE with this thing and can't wait to wear it when I wear Abe!
 photo IMG_2222.jpg photo IMG_2225.jpg photo IMG_2230.jpg
  photo IMG_2237.jpg

A trip to the snow cone stand. I think they liked it a little....
  photo IMG_2242.jpg photo IMG_2249.jpg photo IMG_2251.jpg

 photo IMG_2253.jpg

We wore blue for our sweet friend Greyson who has autism. We think he is pretty awesome!
  photo IMG_2301.jpg

We took the kids on date nights. I took Canaan for hot dogs and Josh took Willow for Mac N cheese. We then took them to a cheap toy store and let them pick out whatever toy they wanted. And we capped off the dates meeting up at a local park to swing. It was such a sweet night soaking in our last days as a family of four. 
  photo 3D0FEAB0-07A5-404A-9D20-C31D58599095.jpg photo 16AFE688-FC61-4C2E-9521-2E1E852D8E70.jpg photo 114D789A-22F1-4227-82B9-860A514ED8B8.jpg photo A09F4E9E-BA21-4EF0-8E56-50A3D1A94A9C.jpg photo C0CAEC68-9E88-48BD-ABF2-AB07550EEA77.jpg photo FDA942D6-ADA4-466D-9720-3B88D86C0AFC.jpg

BUBBBBLESSSS at Mudgy's house!
  photo IMG_2495.jpg photo IMG_2508.jpg

 Family worship time. So thankful for our time each night pointing the kids to Jesus through bible stories, singing, and prayer.  photo IMG_2626.jpg

He still has a STRONG love for all things trains. This was his letter "g". 
  photo IMG_2690.jpg

Willow told me she needed to let her baby watch the birds to soothe it. Also, she needed to hold her arms straight out apparently. You know, just your basic motherly soothe techniques. hahaha.
 photo IMG_2830.jpg
  photo IMG_2828.jpg

38 weeks!
  photo IMG_2839.jpg

Trying to walk Abe out with spiderman and Elsa!

  photo IMG_2867.jpg

  photo IMG_2870.jpg

39 weeks!

 photo IMG_2889.jpg

More walking Abe out! photo IMG_2891.jpg

These cuties stayed at my parents one weekend because I was having so much false labor. They LOVVEDDDD every minute!
 photo IMG_0802.jpg
 photo IMG_0814.jpg

This month. it dragged and dragged and was filled with false labor (more on that soon). BUT, I'm so thankful for those date nights and mundane days with just my two big kids.