Abraham is 3 months!

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This little one is THREE months old!!!

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I can't believe he is three months old. This is the first month that truly just flew by! We spent a lot of time with family since my sister was home from AUS. This little man did so so well being of his normal routine. He is now sleeping 8pm to 8am. Glory Glory!!!! He is still wearing some 0-3 month clothes but will be out of those really soon and on to 3-6month. He is still nursing 4 times a day and takes a bottle once a day. He is also napping 3 times a day and takes one small cat nap in the evening. He has started to really giggle and babble to us. He also has found his fingers and will suck them often. He LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVES his play gym. He still has his sweet blue eyes and the most adorable small. He's truly been a DREAM baby. We are so thankful he is ours!!


Abe is 2 Months!

this sweet boy is 2 months!!!! It is totally God's grace that this kid is SUCH a dream baby! He is sleeping 8.5-9.5 hours each night!!!! Definitely my best sleeper yet! He weighs 11.5 pounds and wearing 0-3 months and size 1 diapers. He is nursing like a champ. He follows us around the room with his eyes, smiles, coos, and loves to "box". I really think every day his older siblings fall more in love with him. Canaan is so gentle with him. He loves to talk to him and ask him a million questions. Willow calls him "my baby" and MUST hold him atleast 5 times a day. She asks if we can keep him daily. Sweet girl just never wants to let him go. He has stolen all of our hearts and we are so thankful for him.

Abraham, I love you precious boy! You are such a joy and delight abey baby!

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Fresh 48 with Abe

Our sweet birth photographer offers a "fresh 48" session and I knew once I read the description that we had to have it! She comes to the hospital within the first 48 hours to capture you and babe and family members meeting the newest addition. It's a great alternative or addition to birth photography.

It was AMAZING to not have to worry about capturing this moment myself. These images are so precious to us. C and W were so in love with Abe from the start. C was a little unsure of me being in the hospital bed, but that didn't stop him from wanting to snuggle C. And Willow, that girl was made to be a big sister. She wanted him in her arms constantly and hasn't stopped asking since. She calls him "my baby" all day long.

I still can't believe most days that he is here and we are a family of five. He's been the sweetest most perfect addition to our crew. Go check out Kyle Kelley Photography and BOOK HER!!!!!! Thank you, sweet lady for all these images. You were an absolute rockstar!
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